Tuesday 3 March 2015

Goin' Up, On A Tuesday...

I seriously can't watch this trailer again. I think this is the most emotional, heartfelt wedding story I have ever had the pleasure of telling, and have sat in front of my iMac sobbing while editing this film. Geez, I get a lump in my throat just when the opening note of the music starts. I am SO tired because it's literally draining to watch - in the best possible way.

Jeni and Oscar were destined to be together. After dating 14 years ago, they walked very different paths for a long time, and something bigger than them brought them back together. The thing is, I can't even properly describe their love for each other. They have this incredible connection that very few people find in their lives, but the absolute gratitude that they share in having found each other, is something beyond the word 'love'. Spending those few days in Mexico with Jeni and Oscar, with absolute bedlam all around them (Mexicans + Tequila + Bunnies = Carnage!) I just watched their relationship exude a feeling of utter contentment and a deep peace with one another.

No matter what was happening - they were always right there together in the moment. A momentary glance across the party, a shoulder rub by the pool, tears, laughter and lots of dance moves. I guess if you get a second chance to find that thing that makes you happiest in the whole world, you grab it with both hands.

We often tell stories of chance meetings, and fate conspiring to bring two people together, but Jeni and Oscar's story is not exactly like that - and maybe why I like it so much. I love these two souls and their relationship together and it really gave me a different perspective of finding another person in your life. When we lose something precious, and we look all around and still can't find it, then I guess you don't have to be completely heartbroken. Everything and everyone has a place to be. It’s just a matter of how they get there and when. Even if it seems like the chance has gone - you still have that child-like part of you that provides a comfort, knowing that one day when you grow up and are free to travel your own path, you can go and find it again.

Nick x

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