Monday 11 January 2016

Don't Stop The Beat...

Greg and Emma's gorgeous Italian Lakes destination wedding.  Photo by STUDIO

So after a cold, wet winter, what better way to feel a little warmer than with Greg and Emma's Lake Maggiore wedding. We showed you their trailer a little while back, but are stoked to share this with you as our first post of 2016!

These two are best friends with a lot of love sprinkled on top, always joking with each other, and making any situation fun. Their closest friends and family are exactly the same way, and that meant that the party we had (in the venue's underground secret cellar) was well, epic. We all danced pretty hard that night!

They recently made the move back to England from Italy, and while Sandbach might not have quite as much Italian flair, I know both we and all your people are super happy to see you both back home. So without any more delay, here is Greg and Emma's full wedding film. Andiamo!

To view the film, simply type: 'studio 1208' below




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