Monday 10 October 2011

Allow me to re-introduce myself…..

Welcome to our blog!  I know it is a little late in coming, but I think traveling countries, getting married, having a baby and launching a company all in the space of a year is excuse enough to fall behind on a few things….

studio 1208

So, we are Nick and Maria - aka STUDIO 12O8.   A musician and a fashion photographer that met in a bar in Hollywood, fell in love and never looked back.  In a nutshell, we got married, got a crazy Shiba Inu called Luda and shortly after that, introduced the world to a little bundle of trouble called Jackson. We packed up our belongings, waved goodbye to LaLa Land and hightailed it to the burbs.  Slower life?  Yes.  But we love it.   After two non-stop years of LA living, photo shoots, gigs and fashion we just wanted to go back to shooting things that were real.  We still love to shoot fashion because it is where we both started - but honestly, nothing beats taking photos and film of people on the happiest day of their lives.   We get to be witness to moments that you could never recreate in a million fashion shoots, real moments.   Little looks between people.  Smiles and winks and momentary glances that say a thousand words.   It's truly incredible.

So how did we come up with STUDIO 12O8?  One sleepless night in February (thanks Jackson) through zombie, 'my baby is a month old' looking eyes, I told Maria we should start a company together. I don't know if she thought I had finally lost my mind, or if it was the smell of the stinky diaper on the side.   But she just kind of looked at me with that official Tyra Banks 'whopoopoo' face she does so well and went to bed.   Good start.   But in the morning, she turned to me and said "Would you really want to work with me? I'm kind of annoying"   As tempting as it was to say "Well, I married you, so I guess I am stuck with you anyway..."   I really didn't fancy a swift kick to the head, so I said "Yeah, and we should tell love stories through pictures and film".  That was it.   She was in!  It was really that simple.

I think it was so easy because we both love and respect each other's ability and creativity.  I am honestly blown away by some of the images Maria shows me.  I thought it from the moment I saw her work, and she still surprises me daily.  I feel honored that she is my partner and I hope she feels the same.  So that's basically us and STUDIO 12O8.   Everything that happens from here on in, we can show you in pictures and way less rambling paragraphs.  So, if you promise to keep reading, I promise to keep it shorter :)

N x

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  1. Congrats that is absolutely amazing!! You guys do phenomenal work together!