Saturday 22 October 2011

Grab Somebody Sexy Tell Em.... HEY!

We always like to try to go the extra mile for our clients, and help them out wherever we can.  Despite having a fantastic live band, Danny and Miriam were struggling for some tracks to fill her 'dance party' section of her evening.  So we offered to create her very own 'jersey turnpike' fist pumping, floor crushing, body moving mix instead of our usual custom composed track.  She picked her favorite songs, and we did the rest! It definitely proved a hit as both young and old made their way onto the dancefloor to throw some serious shapes.  There is always just something so beautiful about seeing the brides mother shouting Shot! Shot! Shot! along with Lil Jon.

So, because we want everyone to have the chance to dance… both we (and the lovely couple) are sharing the wealth and letting you download their mix.

So put those hands in the air and get ready to shuffle...

coz. its. about. to. go. down!

click here to download the mix!

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