Friday 20 April 2012

Together they are...Jedward!!!

HA! Some of you are scratching your heads saying, Jedward? who / what is that?!  Well, if you haven't heard of them, they are an identical twin brother boy band, which became famous after their apearance on the UK X-Factor in 2009.  They are (as Simon Cowell stated in their first audition) not very good and extremely annoying, but somehow the UK still embraces them and their quirky OTT personalities.

Here they are, so you can see who I am talking about:
Anyway, if you're still reading, you might be thinking, "where is this going?!"

Well, a few weeks ago, we were asked to make a dance party mix for Lee and Rachel's wedding.   If you didn't know already, Nick is not only a musician, but a really good DJ too, so he often gets hired to make mixes for our brides and grooms.   You might remember this one from Danny and Miriam's New York wedding.   It's amazing - download it!!

After discussing tracks with the bride and groom, Nick got to work, and then we got to talking to Lee and Rach about making cd's for all of their guests as another favor.  They thought it was a great idea, but there was just one problem - what would the cover art be?

Hmmmm.  Well, we also realized that both Lee and Rachel's middle names begin with J, and their last name is Edwards....are you doing the math?   So, we started our super secret design surprise for the bride and groom.   We knew they were totally up for it, and they gave us full artistic license.  Here is what we came up with:

STUDIO 1208 creates custom Jedward cd cover for bride and groom

STUDIO 1208 creates custom Jedward cd cover for bride and groom

HAHAHAHAHA, right?! They (and all the guests) loved it - once they realized it wasn't actually a Jedward cd.

As you can see, I had to take pictures of them beforehand to mimick the Jedward images.  They had no idea what I was asking them to do, and what it was for.  They are just really, really good sports!  I also changed the color of their jackets, since the wedding color was purple.  The mix ended up going down SO well, and as always, we want to share the mix with anyone who may have missed it, or just loves to dance.   It's free, just download it and party!

The Jedwards' Seven Four Twelve Marriage Mash-Up Mix

Thanks again and congratulations to Lee and Rach (who is actually really beautiful, btw - does NOT look like a boy, and has gorgeous hair!!!) for being such amazing sports!   If you (or someone you know) might be interested in a custom mix for your wedding or as a favor, let us know - we can get you a quote.  It doesn't cost that much, you get to hear the exact music you want to dance to -  professionally mixed AND it is a great keepsake.  Win!  It doesn't have to be a silly cover either - we just happen to be amazing at those!!!