Monday 7 September 2015

Calling Me Home...

I love it SO much when a couple just has fun together. For us, it’s something that gets us through the hard parts of a relationship on a day to day basis. The fact that you have that one person that you can look at… and your mouth corners turn up just a little. Sometimes they don’t have to say anything, sometimes they might just look at you or do a silly dance. The thing is, it doesn’t actually matter what they do, only that it is them doing it.

That is exactly what I see when I look at Bradley and Louise. They don’t take themselves or life too seriously, but the fun and the bond they have is amazing. Their early relationship survived Louise living in Australia but having met Brad before she left, there was always something calling her home. When you add all that to a dreamy outdoor ceremony, a ton of great friends and family and a couple of Garage MC’s…. What do you have?

A damn. good. time.


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