Thursday 3 July 2014

Best Film Ever...

Wedding days are amazing - filled full of tears, laughter, joy and lots of fun with friends and family. It truly sends you on an emotional roller coaster and we get to witness and capture that almost weekly. We go right through it with you all, and for us it's awesome. Every wedding different, and every time a different set of feelings!

Because it is SO intense and the adrenaline is pumping, it’s super hard for the couple to be totally present in the moment all day and enjoy every minute. That's why it is so amazing that we help put the pieces back together for you afterwards! Honestly though, I have never seen two people do it better than Lindsey and Matt. Wow! They literally smiled the whole time. Like, beamed from ear to ear. They were so happy, and just got lost in the magic of the day together. It was perfect.

So, cue music, the awe inspiring Kimberly Hall, a ton of raucous sing-a-long’s (mainly by Matt to One Direction) and then escape to a beautiful field in Norfolk filled with the brightest yellow flowers you have ever seen. This really made for a beautiful day. So let’s live while we are young, I won’t give you the story of my life because this film is irresistible and we are going to do this right now…. *wink, wink*
Here is Matt and Lindsey’s full wedding film.

To access it, simply type: studio1208

Nick x

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  1. Outstanding! What more can I say - it's a beautiful piece of work!