Wednesday 30 July 2014

Give It To The People... Spread It Across The Country...

With the ever-changing world of music, actual licensing of mainstream songs for wedding films is practically impossible - unless you have a couple hundred thousand lying around... The importance of generous, independent artists willing to share their music, is fast becoming one of the most vital collaborations for us as filmmakers. They are our lifeline to real, creative quality music. Without them, we would be falling onto the clutches of crappy, sound bed, elevator music!

That means we are forever grateful to all those amazing artists who share their talent with you, with us, and allow us to keep on creating. We love to be able support our friends and incredible independent artists whenever we can. Our wedding films reach pretty large audiences worldwide, and hopefully we can help spread the message all over!

We had the fortune to meet Allman Brown at a wedding we shot last year. That day, he played live for his friends Fergus and Christina, his wonderful soulful voice and brilliant guitar playing created the back drop for what was an epic, candle lit ceremony. Not only is he an awesome guy with endless talent, his music is mind-blowing good too.

Allman Brown sound-checks at Fergus and Christina's wedding photos by STUDIO 1208

Allman Brown performs at Fergus and Christina's wedding photos by STUDIO 1208

We always try and credit artists when we can, but we felt he deserved a special mention. This is the second time his music has featured - always adding the most wonderful soundtrack to our films. Watch our film and hear Allman’s track ‘Stone’ featured in Danielle and Adam's wedding film by clicking HERE

Then, once you have fallen in love with it like we did, head over to his iTunes to buy more of his awesome music and  FOLLOW Allman Brown - give him some love, people!

Check out his new official video with Liz Lawrence for Sons & Daughters which has over 100,000 views, NBD!

If you are an independent artist, and want to try to get featured in our films - drop us an email at, holla at us on Twitter or even on Instagram.

Thanks again, Allman, and keep up the amazing work.

Nick x

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