Wednesday 9 July 2014

Groove Is In The Heart...

Chris and Genevieve's beautiful Will Rogers Memorial Museum wedding. Wedding film by STUDIO 1208
Genevieve and Chris are so cute, and SO in love. I mean, hearing Chris say his vows to her, you could hear and feel how genuine he was. Every word was deliberate - he was absolutely present in that very moment, and it was honestly, magic. I can't help but cry when I watch them, hear them, and re-live what a beautiful day it was. Congratulations, Vivi and Chris - we wish you the very best, we thank you for trusting us to tell your story, and we thank you both for being absolutely candid and present in every single moment. A beautiful beginning to what will without doubt be a long, happy, FUN marriage.

To access it, simply type studio 1208


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