Friday 15 May 2015

I Feel Your Heartbeat Just Like Mine....

Tessa and Andy's gorgeous Ojai wedding photo by STUDIO 1208

Love really does happen when you least expect it. Tessa and Andy were not looking for it, in fact almost the opposite! But... a sneaky stolen kiss in a bathroom on New Years Eve changed the course of both their lives, throwing two very different people, on contrasting paths, together forever. The funny thing is, the more they both (Tessa) refused the relationship in the early days, the stronger it actually grew. Looking at them now, it is impossible to think of them apart.

They had a simply beautiful wedding in magical Ojai, which despite being pretty close to LA, was such a wonderful departure. It took these two and their awesome group out of the flashing lights of LA (and NYC), and created a wonderful authentic destination vibe.

Surrounded by their closest friends and family from all over the world, they started their new journey together and under the stars threw all kinds of shapes on the dance floor, including one guest's front slide that is probably the greatest dance move EVER seen. No, really... it is one of legendary proportions!

Check out their trailer, and see for yourself!


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