Wednesday 13 May 2015


So, a few months ago, we entered into an annual photo contest that photo community leader, Shoot and Share was putting on. What is rad about this contest is that it is voted on by other photographers without sharing who took the photos, which means you win on actual merit - not popularity (not that there is anything wrong with being popular, but I don't like having to ask people to vote for me - I will, but I don't love it).

It is worldwide, and it is huge.

Anyway, you could submit up to 40 images over 21 categories...

Out of 110,928 images submitted, 23,153,465 votes cast, and 73,883 photographers represented, WE WON FIRST PLACE in the "That Just Happened" category with one of my favourite images EVER!
Shoot and Share contest winner "that just happened" category by STUDIO 1208

How's THAT for a photobomb?! This guys was next level he DGAF, and as I was shooting, he just walked right in - so I kept shooting, obvs! It is my fave moment, and I am so excited that it made people laugh the same way it made all of us laugh on the day - and still.

We also placed 7th in the "Wedding Party" category with this image of the beautiful Gabby and her girls jumping and dancing on the couch
Shoot and Share contest winner "wedding party" category by STUDIO 1208

And 13th out of 13,701 images with our iconic image of Bryan and Kim in the "Bride and Groom" category
Shoot and Share contest winner "bride and groom" category by STUDIO 1208

Sincere thanks to everyone who voted, all my rad clients, and to Shoot and Share! Still don't know who won the grand prize, but if it's us, we will let you all know!

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