Sunday 31 May 2015

Started In The Bathroom Now We Here...

Tessa and Andy's gorgeous Ojai wedding. Photo by STUDIO 1208

Tessa and Andy. Damn, these people are fucking awesome! I am still laughing about the title of this post because it is so accurate, and clever (+1 to me), that I literally can't even (-1 to me). This wedding was fantastic - the location, the people, the content - all authentic and beyond beautiful. Watching Tessa and Andy together was joyful and they really do compliment each other so much. This is love guys, and it is so much fun. May your adventures together be many, and hopefully we can be a part of another one soon!

To view it, just type studio 1208



  1. I don't know Tessa and Andy, but I enjoyed every minute of this film, and have no doubts they have a lifetime of amazing adventures ahead. Gorgeous couple, amazing wedding, and perfect film.

  2. hi pen, thank you so much for the well wishes! we're obsessed with this film and are so happy to have it all captured.