Saturday 23 May 2015

That Is Home...

First, I want to shout out one of our former grooms for bringing these two amazing people into our lives...Jeremy Seney, you are the best - thank you for bullying Wally into watching your wedding film the first time you ever met (and countless others)!

Sunny and Wally are so awesome, and our love for them runs deep. They are people that you want to be around, they are just electric, and we just can't get enough of them. Their story starts by chance, as so many do, but it isn't often that your future husband actually walks in your front door... I'm pretty sure that when Wally went to see that apartment, he didn't realize he was already home.

Their story, their venue, their people, their dog - it's all awesome. I am so proud to call them friends, and so excited to share their wedding film trailer with all of you today! And I'm pretty sure you will all die when you see their venue...I meeeeaaaannnnnnn....!


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